The task of the adolescent is to prepare to become a member of the community, ready to participate in their time, place and culture. In the humanities program students explore the key aspects of citizenship and gain an understanding of their community.

Language Arts

Writer’s Workshop forms the foundation of the language arts program. Students study and develop writing across the genres. In a collaborative process focusing on editing, revising and crafting their work, students take their pieces through multiple drafts before final publication. A literary journal is published by the students each year.


The study of literature is conducted through reading and discussion of modern and classical works. Seminar groups based upon the Great Books tradition prepare students to become critical readers with the ability to approach and analyze literature from a variety of genres.


The mathematics curriculum, based upon the University of Chicago Math Project, enforces an understanding of arithmetic, mathematical concepts and pre-algebra. Students complete the first year of algebra in their eighth grade year.


The study of science incorporates the study of living things — zoology and botany, the study of the earth and earth sciences, chemistry, physics and astronomy. The science curriculum incorporates lab work, fieldwork, readings, discussions and independent individual and small-group projects.


A great work must be undertaken. —Maria Montessori